Phone Repair Services for batteries Replacing Process

So that your phone 4 battery power has cease retaining a fee. You happen to be at present up against the issue of getting it resolved. Do you make an effort to change it out oneself or accept it to the Apple company shop and look out for them to correct it? On the away probability you are a do it without any person else’s assist form of man or woman, then this post is planning to let you know just how to exchange that battery pack on your own.

Step 1 – Back the entirety of your respective information.

Step Two – You will find a tiny hole next to the headset jack. Track down that golf hole and burst your sum platter out by driving in the opening by using a needle or even the end of the document cut.

Phone Repair services

Step 3 – Track down and remove the 2 tiny screws next to the dock by using a very little Phillips brain screw driver.

Phase 4 – Employing a spider positioned lightly in between the stainless ring and also the highlight glass immediately earlier mentioned among the attach holes, really lightly separate the business presentation through the again solar panel.

Stage 5 – Lift the solar panel away from the dock getting very careful not to split any ribbons that are on the other end.

Step 6 – Use one fingers to carry the show off solar panel and the other to disconnect the dim ribbon Top

Move 7 – Lightly turn the display assemblage until finally it is actually almost vertical to allow less difficult entry to other ribbons.

Move 8 – Disconnect Black collared ribbon variety 2 utilizing a spider.

Stage 9 – Utilize your spider to turn over the bright white plastic-type material tab up about 90 levels so it produces the last ribbon cable TV

Step 10 – Push the darker ribbon out of the connector and take off the highlight.

Step 11 – Get rid of five unfinished line screws that protect the rationale board to the rear panel, two full thread screws that protected the rationale board along with the digital camera, and another attach which is within the Do not eliminate sticker. 8 screws total, Check this out

Stage 12 – Disconnect ribbon 4

Phase 13 – Lift the motherboard out simply being mindful to never damage the ribbon about the bottom linking the table on the video camera and iphone 換電.

Move 14 – Disconnect that ribbon and set the motherboard aside.

Once you finish returning by your methods, you may kick back and congratulate yourself on effectively changing your phone 4 battery pack.