Is it easy to apply for a work permit in Singapore?

The work permit is a permission for foreigners to get a job in a foreign country on a permanent or temporary basis. A person who is planning an overseas career to a foreign country needs a work permit which is also called a work visa. It is the system to ensure that the work is safely done and accomplished efficiently. The work permit Singapore is issued by Ministry of Manpower to foreigners who are eligible.

Application process for a work permit

If you are going to apply work permit Singapore, then you will get the work permit based on the profile. There are three common work permits are obtainable like employment pass, personalized employment pass and dependent pass.

Employment pass scheme is mainly for skilled employees and for company owners and there are no limitations for the number of passes to be issued. Initially, it is issued for one to two years and then renewed until the person works for his company.

Personalized employment pass scheme is the special type which is not tied to any specific employer. So, the person can switch jobs and there is no need for reapplying the pass. It is issued for only three years and is not renewable.

Dependent pass scheme will be eligible when you want move with our parents or spouse to Singapore and here we do not want to apply for a work visa, just need a letter from the Ministry of manpower to work legally.

There are many other work permit types which include training work permit, training employment pass, work holiday pass and entre pass